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TRA type lobe rotor pump

I. Introduction to the rotor pump
TRA type cam rotor pump, belongs to rotor pump products, rotor pumps, called rubber pumps, three-leaf pumps, soles, and TRA cam rotor pumps are widely used in food, beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other industries. Since the rotor shape of the pump is more special and the accuracy requires very high, there are fewer successful manufacturers. Many users can only purchase imported equipment. In order to change this adverse situation, our company has organized the technical personnel to cut off, and the rotor curve design procedure is prepared in C language and enter the machining center for precision processing, thus ensuring high precision requirements of key parts of the TRA type cam rotor pump key parts and strict consistency. Sexual requirements.
The TRA type cam rotor pump is a red-designed transformation in traditional TR type, making its performance more optimized, more compact and beautiful, efficient. Structure: Adopt shaft integral assembly, make the volume becomes small (length can be reduced from 100-250mm), reduce the floor area, the structure, the outer package stainless steel, the mirror polishing, the appearance is beautiful, the grade is high, avoiding the original painted brush paint . Performance Optimization: Adopt shaft integral assembly, reduce elastic coupling power consumption, noise and wear replacement to improve work efficiency, resulting in the highest efficiency, minimal internal slide and longer service life. The characteristics of the performance of the pump are as follows:
(-) Working principle of universal delivery pump:
The rotor pump relies on two synchronous reverse rotation rotors (2-4) to generate suction (vacuum) at the inlet during the rotation, thereby sucking the material to be transported. The two rotors divide the rotor room into several small spaces and operate in the order of A → B → C → D. When running to position A, only the media is filled with medium; to position B, partial media is closed in the chamber; when the position C, the media is also closed in the chamber; to the position D, chamber B room and II The chamber is connected, and the medium is delivered to the discharge port. Such cycle reciprocation, the medium (material) is continuously delivered by the source source.

(2) Features of universal conveying pump:
1. Comparison with centrifugal pumps (milk pumps): centrifugal pump is widely used due to its simple structure, low cost. It compares the following differences with the multimetric conveying pump:
a) Wanli conveying pump belongs to the bulk pump, and the conveying flow can be more accurate control, and the variable pump is conveniently made. The output flow of the centrifuge cannot be controlled. As the resistance is increased: the multimetric conveying pump has strong self-suction ability, and the centrifugal pump must be filled with liquid before running.
b) The speed of the multimetric conveying pump is very low, typically between 200 rpm to 600 rpm, and the amount of material is transported smoothly and its ingredients will not be damaged. The speed of the centrifugal pump is very high, and the material is transported by a strong impact and the action of centrifugation, so the centrifugal pump often generates a different phenomenon of material components, so that the quality of the finished product is lowered. The multimetric conveying pump is the best choice for solving this problem, so it is especially suitable for transporting the mixture even contains a material containing solid particles.
c) Wanan transport pump can be used to transport a substance having high viscosity, so it is also known as a rubber pump. And the centrifugal pump is free of this feature.
d) Wanhao conveying pump can easily produce a variety of output pressure, such as 1.5 MPa, suitable for long distance or high resistance quantitative conveying.
e) The production of universal transport pumps is more complicated and precise, which is high, which is also the biggest shortcomings compared to centrifugal pumps.
2, compared with the screw pump (concentrated slurry pump): The two are the same volume type pump, so its performance is substantially similar - the substance of high viscosity can be smoothly delivered. However, the biggest disadvantage of the screw pump determines its discretion in the case of hygienic requirements - due to the non-flow lines of the screw and the numerous residential points in the chamber determine it impossible to become a sanitary pump, cavity wall tetrafluoride or rubber The loss of material is more likely to cause contamination of the transported substance. The multimetric transport pump is strictly suitable for applications in industries such as food and beverage, medicine and other health requirements due to the flow line structure of the rotor and the rotor chamber. In particular, the current production line is getting higher and higher, and more and more CIP online (local) cleaning, which is more displayed to select the importance of the universal transport pump.
(3) The drive of the rotor pump: the transmission of the rotor pump generally has the following forms
1. Motor + speed ratio reducer: This transmission is simple, and the speed of the rotor is constant, that is, the non-adjustability of the flow is determined. If you equipped with a frequency converter, you can reach the speed.
2. Motor + Mechanical Friction Stepless Transmission: This transmission is realized by manual adjustment. Its characteristics are safe and reliable, and the traffic is stable. The disadvantage is that non-automatic adjustment, more troublesome, speed up during the operation, and must not speed up in the downtime.
3. Variable frequency motor + frequency converter: This method can achieve automatic adjustment of the speed, that is, the traffic of urinary stepless adjustment is realized. Its advantage is that the degree of automation is high and easy to operate. A disadvantage is that the frequency converter has a higher price and low speed torque.
(4) Introduction to the application range of rotor pump:
1. Food & Beverage: Dairy, Latex, Chocolate, Syrup, Cheese, Malt Juice,
Beer, soda
2. Fruit concentrate: pudding, jam, jelly, ketchup
3. Paste products: fat and grease, etc.
4. Cosmetics: Cream, detergent, hair gel, fragrance oil, etc.
5. Drug class: dipper, emulsion, pill pulp, etc.

6. Chemical industry: dye, fat, solvent, resin and polymer

technical parameter
(1) Performance parameters:
1. Traffic: q = 200 liters / hour ~ 48,000 liters / hour
2. Conveying material viscosity range: 0.2cp ~ 500,000 cp
3. The highest pressure of export: 0.8-1.2MPa (during high viscosity)
4. Product temperature from -30 ° C ~ 150 ° C
5. Model: TR - i - 1
Tr: Split rotor pump, TRA represents a joint rotor pump.
I: indicates that the non-grade speed control reducer, II indicates that the variable frequency motor, III represents the gear speed reducer.
1: Model

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