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Submersible gear pump


Liquid lower gear pump

The lower gear pump, the underwater jaw lower gear pump is based on the demand for oil, chemical, coatings, grease, medicine, dyes, food and other industries according to the underwater gear pump. Since the lower gear pump This product can be used with different materials and its unique structures, it is widely used in different properties and different viscosity media delivery. The pump is mainly composed of internal, outer rotors, axes, pump bodies, front cover, bracket, seal, bearing, etc. Seal has mechanical seals and filler seals, magnetic drives in the form of magnetic transmission, and is selected from the medium, high-temperature, high viscosity and strong corrosive media, and a filler seal is selected.

The bucket is mainly delivered by the material of the weighing barrel, the liquid under liquids, etc. Directly inserted into the bottom of the barrel without emptying and the first bonus. Don't worry about the suction questions of high viscosity of materials.
When delivering a crystalline material, it can be designed with an insulation jacket on the front cover and the pump body, and thermally thermally melt in operation.
Surface gear pump - Introduction to the application range of the bucket internal gear pump:
1. Food & Beverage: Dairy, Latex, Chocolate, Syrup, Cheese, Malt, Beer
2. Fruit concentrate: pudding, jam, jelly, ketchup
3. Paste products: fat and grease, etc.
4. Cosmetics: Cream, detergent, hair gel, fragrance oil, etc.
5. Oil: crude oil, heavy oil and refined oil, etc.
6. Chemical industry: dye, fat, solvent, resin and polymer
● Product advantages:
(1) The conveying liquid is stable, there is no pulsation, small vibration, low noise.
(2) There is a strong self-suction performance.
(3) Correctly use the parts material to deliver a variety of corrosive media, using temperature up to 200 ° C.
(4) The inside and external rotor turns the same, small wear, long service life.
(5) The speed and flow of the pump are linearly linear, and the speed can be appropriately changed to change the flow of the pump.
(6) Specially applicable to the delivery of highly viscous media.

I. Working principle

LHSCJ-type upper magnetic stirrer mainly includes components of internal magnetic steel, outer magnet steel, isolation sleeve and transmission motor.. Excellent performance, reasonable structure, small size, reliable use. Suitable for various stainless steel reaction cans, liquid mixing tanks for pharmaceutical, chemical, bioengineering and food products
The LHSCJ-type hygienic magnetic agitator contact material is made of 316L \ 304 material, and the agitating shaft is driven by the working principle of the permanent magnet joint. Use the welding isolation set of static and dead seals to replace dynamic mechanical seals, completely solve the malfunction of mechanical sealing and can't avoid it.

technical parameter:
Work temperature: -30-200
Material: 304 or 316L
Working pressure: -0.1-1.6MPa (optional)

Second, technical parameters:

model Tongue Agitation power
150rpm 70rpm 35rpm
LHSCJ20 20n.m 0.37 0.25 0.18
LHSCJ40 40n.m 0.75 (0.55) 0.37 (0.55) 0.25 (0.37)
LHSCJ80 80n.m 1.1 0.75 0.37 (0.55)
LHSCJ120 120N.m 1.5 1.1 0.55 (0.75)
LHSCJ150 150N.m 2.2 1.5 0.75 (1.1)
LHSCJ200 200n.m 3 2.2 1.1 (1.5)
LHSCJ300 300N.m 4 3 1.5 (2.2)
LHSCJ500 500N.m 7.5 (5.5) 5.5 (4) 4 (3.0)
LHSCJ800 800n.m 11 7.5 5.5 (4)
LHSCJ1000 1000N.m 15 11 7.5 (5.5)

Note: 1, the above parameters are universal numbers, which can be changed according to customer requirements, mixing forms and media concentrations and viscosity, operating temperature, and working pressure.

Wenzhou Lihong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and sales of complete sets of equipment for pharmacy, biological engineering, dairy food, brewing and beverage blending, as well as various stainless steel containers, sanitary pump valves and fluid accessories.

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