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Single-stage emulsification pump


Emulsified pump - single-stage emulsified pump high shear mixed fine homogenized single-stage emulsified pump is a highly efficient single-stage emulsified pump product integrating mix, dispersion, break, dissolution, fine, decomposition, homogenization, emulsification, The primary working components of the single-stage emulsion pump are composed of stator and rotor. The stator is integrated, centrifugally squeezed, crackled crack, liquid layer friction, turbulent flow, uniform, liquid layer friction, turbulence, uniform, liquid layer friction, turbulence, uniform, liquid layer, solenoid, liquid phase, liquid phase, gas phase Many media are uniform and uniform in an instant, disperse emulsification. After reciprocating cycling, the original product reaches a stable high quality product.
A homogeneous single-stage emulsified pump is a new generation of high-efficiency ultra-fine homogenized single-stage emulsion pumps instead of a sand mill, a ball mill and colloid mill. After using this series of products, the original traditional production process is further simplified, the production efficiency is greatly improved, and the product quality is significantly improved. The series is widely used in petrochemical, fine chemical, daily chemical, biopharmaceutical, food process, paper, environmental protection, paint coating and other industries, and a consistency of users in replacing imported products.

Application field

Fine Chemicals:
Pigment, dye, plastic aid, textile aid, adhesive, resin emulsification, silicone oil emulsion, hot melt glue, sealant, glue, slurry, finishing agent, surfactant, split agent, carbon black? Childish I⒎ Leather Chen Yan <⑾ ⑾ ⒅ 镎   砑 砑 ⒐ ⒀ ⑵ ⑵ ⑵     ⒀ 唷 唷 唷 じ镏  じ镏 ⑸ ⑸  炷 炷                         

Lubricating oil, heavy oil emulsification, diesel emulsification, modified asphalt, catalyst, wax emulsion, etc.

Injection, antibiotics, emulsions, medicated creams, health products, microcapsules emulsified, cell tissue breaks, etc.

Coatings ink:
Print ink, paint, latex paint, architectural coating, nano-coating, photocuring coating, coating aid, carbon black dispersion, printing ink, glaze, bentonite, etc.

Insecticides, herbicides, drug emulsivers, fertilizers, pesticide auxiliaries, etc.

Dispersion, explanation of nanomaterials.

food industry:
Juice, jam, ice cream, dairy, food additive, tea drink, chocolate, soy milk, flavor, milk, etc.

Daily products:
Liquid detergent, cream, lipstick, facial cleanser, silicone oil emulsification, daily flavor, skin care products, cosmetics, etc.

Pulp, adhesive, rosin dispersion, additive, resin emulsification, etc.

Single-stage emulsified pump, high shear mixed fine homogeneous emulsification is efficient, fast, uniformly distributed to another continuous phase, and in general, each phase is unhabied with each other. Due to the high-cut line speed and high-frequency mechanical effect caused by the rotor high speed and the high-frequency mechanical effect, the material is fixed, the rotor narrow gap is strongly mechanical and liquid shear, centrifugal extrusion, liquid layer friction, impact Comprehensive effects such as tear and turbulence, so that the immobilized solid phase, liquid phase, and gas phase at the corresponding maturation process and the appropriate amount of additives, instantly uniformly and fine dispersion emulsification, and pass through high frequency cycle reciprocation, eventually stable High quality products.

The pipeline high shear dispersion emulsifier is a high-performance device for continuous production or circulation to handle fine materials. Inside the chamber of the narrow space, 1-3 sets of even the occasional multilayer, rotor, rotor in the motor drive The lower high speed is rotated, producing strong axial suction to suck the material into the cavity. Dispersion, shearing, emulsion treatment in the shortest time, and the particle size distribution range also narrows, thereby obtaining a fine long-term stable product.

Characteristics of pipeline high shear dispersion emulsifier:
1. The amount of handling is large, suitable for industrialization and continuous production
2. The particle size distribution is narrow and uniform
3. Save time, efficient, energy consumption
4. Low noise, smooth operation
5. Eliminate the quality difference between batch production
6. No dead end, 100% of the material is cut by dispersion
7. Has a short distance, low row conveying function
8. Simple use, easy maintenance
9. Automated control

Production Process:
High shear homogeneous single-stage emulsion pump process example

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