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Hot reflux extraction concentrator


The heat reflow suction concentrator is suitable for plant herbs, Chinese herbal medicines, animal medicines, food additives, etc. Water, ethanol, methanol, acetone, etc.
Recycling and concentration of organic solvents.

technical parameter

Extraction can accumulate: 1M3 2M3 3M3 6M3

Concentrator volume: 0.5m3 1M3 1.5M3 2.5M3

Hydroelectric temperature: 90 ~ 100 ° C

Allowance temperature: 78 ~ 83 ° C

Extraction time: 4 ~ 5 hours / batch

True: 0.05 ~ 0.08MPa

Use pressure: 0.08 ~ 0.2MPa

Spare points:

1. The income rate is 10 ~ 15%, and the ointment contains more than 1 time. Since the heat solvent is continuously added during the extraction, the solute content in the drug material in the drug material, the solute content in the drug material is maintained in the solute content of the drug, the solute content in the drug, the solute content in the solute content, the solute content in the solute content, the solute material High-speed dissolution until completely eluted, the effective ingredient is high, and the rate of paste is high, and the effective ingredient in the ointment is high.

2, due to the high speed dissolution, short extraction time, concentration and extraction synchronous, the drug to concentrated ointment is only 7 ~ 8 hours, and the equipment utilization is high.

3, single equipment, small land, high equipment utilization, so investment.

4, extract only 1 solvent, circulating in a sealing equipment, the solvent in the dish can basically recover, so the amount of solvent is more than 30%, the consumption rate can be reduced by 50 ~ 70%. This is extracted with an organic solvent, and the effective ingredients in Chinese medicine are flattened.

5. Since the concentrated secondary steam is extracted, the extract of the concentrator is extracted with the concentrated temperature, and the operation is 50% or more, the operation is simple, and the operator is reduced.

working principle:

Put the medicinal material into the extraction tank, add 5 to 10 times the medium of the drug such as water, ethanol, methanol, acetone, etc. (according to process requirements). The extraction tank is passed through and the jacket steam valve is opened, and the extract is heated to boiling for 20 to 30 minutes, and the 1/3 extract liquid is extracted into the concentrator with the suction filter. Turn off the extraction tank through and jacket steam, and turn on the heater valve to concentrate the liquid. The secondary steam is generated when concentrated, and the heat source and solution extracted by the evaporator rising tube will be used to maintain the extraction tank.

The secondary steam continues to rise, condensed by the condenser into hot condensate, and falls to the extraction tank to add a new solvent to the surface, the new solvent is passed down to the bottom of the drug layer to the bottom of the medicinal material, the soluble effective ingredient in the medicinal material Dissolve in the extraction tank solvent. The extraction liquid is extracted into the concentrator, and the concentrated secondary vapor is concentrated to extract the tank as a heat source and a new solvent, so that the new solvent of the new solvent is high, the solute density is high in the solute density in the solvent. The gradient, the solute is dissolved at high speed until it is completely dissolved (colorless extracts).

At this time, the extract stops pumping into the concentrator, concentrating secondary steam transfer cooler, concentrating continues until concentrating into an ointment required to require a specific gravity (1.2 to 1.34), and is used. Extract the colorless liquid in the tank, can be placed in the storage tank, drain from the slag door, if the organic solvent is extracted, then add an appropriate amount of water, open straight and jacket steam, and recover the solvent. Put the slag.

Company Information

Wenzhou Lihong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of sanitary stainless steel extraction, concentration, recycling equipment, CIP cleaning system, PLC control equipment, pipeline fittings and other equipment. We are committed to customizing stainless steel tanks for customers, with providing the service of designing drawings.

Our Equipment applys in various industries such as pharmaceutical, dairy, food and beverage, chemical, winery and brewery, bio engineering, etc., and we can procide non-standard products to meet customers' needs.

Wenzhou Lihong Machinery Technology Company


Our products are designed and manufactured is strictly according to ISO9001-2000 international quality standards, and comply with 2010 GMP medical standard.


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factory display


1.  Are you a factory or trading company?

We are a factory.

2.  How long is the warranty period?

One year.

3. What's the main market of your company?

We have customers all over the world.

4.What's your delivery time?

Normally it is around 30 days, the exact time depends on product type and quantity.

5. What's the payment terms?

TT, LC, etc.

6. Can we visit your factory?

Welcome to visit our factory!

7. Where is your factory? How can we go there?

Our factory locates at Wenzhou city, Zhejiang Province, who is very near the airport, you can take the plane to Wenzhou airport and we will go to airport to pick up you.

Wenzhou Lihong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and sales of complete sets of equipment for pharmacy, biological engineering, dairy food, brewing and beverage blending, as well as various stainless steel containers, sanitary pump valves and fluid accessories.

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