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Diatomite filter


Callofilm filter specifications: 5T / h-30T / h
This filter filter area (M2) 5 8 10 12 15 18 20 25 30
Callicite filter Working pressure (BAR) 6
The diatomal filter is manufactured by international advanced technology and manufacturing in combination with domestic current status. This filter overcomes the traditional diatomite filter leakage, and the reminds of the filters have many shortcomings. All parts of the body part are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the structure is beautiful, and the operation is convenient. Celite is filtered through a celite filter. For wines, liquor, fruit wine, medicinal liquor, edible vegetable oil, etc. After filtration, wine and beverages meet national health standards.
Technical features of diatomal soil filter:
1. The filter is installed in the universal wheel free to move.
2, adjustable flow of diatomaceous earth addition pump
3, light illumination
4, horizontal filter blade design can prevent sudden offset of filter cake when it is turned off or low-time
5, the final filter blade can be filtered soon alcohol
6, centrifugal filter cake cleaning system
7. Open the cover of the filter can be convenient to check the filtration blade
8. The motor of the centrifugation system is mounted below the filter bucket, mechanical sealing, convenient maintenance and maintenance, reducing vibration technical parameters: filtered liquid filtrate filtered liquid filtered<0.5EBC, add diatomaceous soil concentration 5 ~ 0 %

Company Information

Wenzhou Lihong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of sanitary stainless steel extraction, concentration, recycling equipment, CIP cleaning system, PLC control equipment, pipeline fittings and other equipment. We are committed to customizing stainless steel tanks for customers, with providing the service of designing drawings.

Our Equipment applys in various industries such as pharmaceutical, dairy, food and beverage, chemical, winery and brewery, bio engineering, etc., and we can procide non-standard products to meet customers' needs.

Wenzhou Lihong Machinery Technology Company


Our products are designed and manufactured is strictly according to ISO9001-2000 international quality standards, and comply with 2010 GMP medical standard.


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factory display


1.  Are you a factory or trading company?

We are a factory.

2.  How long is the warranty period?

One year.

3. What's the main market of your company?

We have customers all over the world.

4.What's your delivery time?

Normally it is around 30 days, the exact time depends on product type and quantity.

5. What's the payment terms?

TT, LC, etc.

6. Can we visit your factory?

Welcome to visit our factory!

7. Where is your factory? How can we go there?

Our factory locates at Wenzhou city, Zhejiang Province, who is very near the airport, you can take the plane to Wenzhou airport and we will go to airport to pick up you.

Wenzhou Lihong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and sales of complete sets of equipment for pharmacy, biological engineering, dairy food, brewing and beverage blending, as well as various stainless steel containers, sanitary pump valves and fluid accessories.

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