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Concentrator- currently used in manufacturers.

ConcentratorIn the late 1980s, the design and promotion of the 1990sConcentratorThere is a significant defect in application:
◆ConcentratorThe primary concentration cycle is divided into two feeds, and the three-efficiency discharge concentration (specific gravity) is different. The third-effective material concentration is low, often need to be re-useful concentrated or mixed with the first effect concentrated material. Process requirements, not convenient to control.
◆ConcentratorComplex operation. The feed is a gap, and the feed is required during the process. The third-effect material needs to be transported forward. The specific gravity of the concentrate cannot be controlled, and it is easy to generate an operational error, resulting in losses to production.
◆ The concentrate is small to the adaptation range of the material. Since the structural type used is external circulating, the material is subjected to a density difference as a circulating force and repeatedly by heating acquisition specific gravity circulation, the heat transfer coefficient is low, the heating temperature is large (10-15 ° C), and the material flows Small driving force, the material flow rate is not fast, the viscosity of the material is small (0-100cp), which is more destroyed to the effective ingredients of the thermal material, and the material is easy to crystallize and the inner wall is shaking. .
◆ Energy saving effect is not obvious. Due to the low heat transfer coefficient, the thermal efficiency of the system is not obvious.

The company is widely combined with the leading concentration equipment and other industrial concentration equipment, and combined with the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine extract, the concentrator is designed and developed a series of LJN type three-efficient (double efficiency, monometation) falling film continuous feed concentrate. The characteristics of the concentrator device are as follows:
◆ Continuous feed and discharge, system stable, easy to operate. This series of equipment is operating at work, only in the early stage of the feed, the parameters are adjusted as required, and ensure that the material is continuously stable, and the adjustment is convenient, and it can be continuously stable and efficiently concentrated and the qualified specific gravity requirements can be recovered simultaneously.
◆ The concentration is large (up to 1.25-1.28), high heat efficiency, and significant energy saving. In the structure of this system, we use an optimized design, so that the evaporation heat transfer coefficient is 3400-3800W (m2 · k), which is very suitable for the concentration of traditional Chinese medicine extracts, main reason is that the material is in the heating tube. Fast flow flowing, while the heating temperature difference is small (only 8-10 ° C), the evaporation temperature is low, and the material can form fast flash after entering the evaporator. The residence of the liquid liquid in the heating tube is short, The viscosity of the material is widely adapted (50-500 cp), and the heat is uniform and easy to crystallize and the coking is small. The amount of destruction of the effective ingredient is small, the thermal energy is sufficient, and the energy saving effect is remarkable.
◆ Easy to adopt advanced control methods. Since the LJN series concentration is mainly controlled by a variety of temperature, the system is stable, which is convenient for advanced automatic control (PLC and man-machine interface control), and the control equipment cost is relatively low, for Chinese medicine production implementation Fully automatic control has a large amount.
◆ Structural design is advanced, reasonable. In the structure, we use an optimized design, the material distribution of the material in the feed and the flow in the tube use the advanced liquid distribution device, so that the material can even enter each heating tube, while selecting high-quality inner wall mirror The tube is heating tube, making the material in the tube are small, fast, and is not easy to precipitate. In order to improve the concentrated yield, the system is equipped with advanced foam capture, eliminating the ability of the mist, the separation efficiency can reach 96-99%, and the resistance is reduced.

ConcentratorrelatedConcentration equipment:Entrepreneal cycle concentrator、Double efficiency energy condenser、Multifunctional alcohol recovery concentrator、Threular energy conservation concentrator、Vacuum reduced pressure concentrated tank、Spherical vacuum concentrated tank、Route concentrator、Coil vacuum concentrated pot。

Specification modelLJN500LJN1000LJN1500Ljn2000Ljn3000Ljn5000LJN6000Ljn8000
Steam pressure (MPa)0.1 ~ 0.25
Gas (KGH)1853705557401110185022202960
Circulating water consumption (T / H)510131518253040
Size (nm)
Length × width × height
× 900
× 3500
× 1000
× 4000
× 1100
× 4600
× 1200
× 4600
× 1300
× 4900
× 1400
× 5300
× 1500
× 5800
× 1600
× 5800

True (absolute pressure) (PA)Evaporation temperature (° C)
Two effect0.031-0. 03870-75
Three effects0.019-0.02560-65

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Wenzhou Lihong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of sanitary stainless steel extraction, concentration, recycling equipment, CIP cleaning system, PLC control equipment, pipeline fittings and other equipment. We are committed to customizing stainless steel tanks for customers, with providing the service of designing drawings.

Our Equipment applys in various industries such as pharmaceutical, dairy, food and beverage, chemical, winery and brewery, bio engineering, etc., and we can procide non-standard products to meet customers' needs.

Wenzhou Lihong Machinery Technology Company


Our products are designed and manufactured is strictly according to ISO9001-2000 international quality standards, and comply with 2010 GMP medical standard.


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Wenzhou Lihong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and sales of complete sets of equipment for pharmacy, biological engineering, dairy food, brewing and beverage blending, as well as various stainless steel containers, sanitary pump valves and fluid accessories.

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