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2020.10 Sugar and Wine Party

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This year's rum fair used all eight indoor venues of Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center and the second-phase outdoor exhibition area, with a total exhibition area of ​​110,000 square meters.There are nearly 2500 exhibitors, including 541 exhibitors in the traditional wine exhibition area, 265 condiments and ingredients, 263 wine and international spirits, 763 food and beverages, 260 food machinery, 203 packaging, and 200 in the Shandong exhibition area. Family.

In this exhibition, one-third of the exhibitors are headquartered in Shandong or have branches in Shandong. In addition, Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing and other provinces and cities also participated in the form of groups, and France, Italy, and South Korea also participated in the exhibition. The form of national pavilions will be exhibited in the wine and international spirits exhibition area and the imported food area.

This year's rum fair will continue to set up a special area for poverty alleviation and agriculture, and explore new forms of poverty alleviation exhibitions through the innovative model of combining online and offline.In addition to the \\"Poverty Alleviation and Aid Agriculture Zone\\" set up in a prominent position in Hall E of the Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center, the \"Cloud Booth\" has also been set up on the cloud exhibition platform of the National Sugar and Alcohol Fair and integrated into the online activities. Poverty alleviation content, \\"anchor bring goods\\" activities to promote actual purchases, \\"brand time\\" activities increase the volume of dissemination, \\"cloud shopping exhibition\\" expand the linkage between online and offline poverty alleviation booths, and enrich the experience of visitors.

The organizer joins hands with information technology service providers such as Alibaba to further upgrade and optimize the national rum fair cloud exhibition platform, and link the national rum fair WeChat applet, the national rum fair official website, WeChat public account, official Weibo, etc. as online platforms The effective carrier of the exhibition, combined with the actual needs of offline exhibitors and professional visitors, has meticulously created a smart, convenient, efficient and innovative new exhibition platform.At the same time, in conjunction with Taobao Live and Taobao Huidian, a number of theme live events such as \"The President Is Coming\", \"Brand Time\", and \"Cloud Shopping Exhibition\" were held during the same period of the exhibition to help exhibitors increase their online brand exposure.Brands such as Fenjiu, Yunmen Sauce, Great Wall Wine, Coca-Cola, Qiaqia and other brands actively participated in the live broadcast.

On the afternoon of October 13, \"New Ecology, New Opportunities-The 103rd National Sugar and Wine Conference Main Forum, Chen Liping, Executive Dean of China Consumer Big Data Research Institute, Zhang Jingyu, Deputy Secretary General of China Food Industry Association, and Ipsos China Research Director Wang Jing, Alibaba Local Life Vice President Peng Lei, and Ant Group Internet Commercial Bank Vice President Feng Liang respectively released data reports from five aspects: production, circulation, consumption, Internet services, and supply chain finance. In addition, they also held data reports. More than ten industry events with rich themes and various forms, including the China Alcohol and Food Investment and Financing Forum, the 11th International Machinery Technology Exchange Conference, and the China Alcohol and Food Innovation Forum.

It is reported that the total number of offline attendees at this year's rum fair exceeded 210,000, the number of visitors to the online cloud exhibition reached 1.2 million, the number of visitors to the online audience reached 800,000, and the total online exposure reached 100 million.

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